Hornaday Conservation Weekend

Join us for a weekend event dedicated to conservation and learning, while working toward earning the William T. Hornaday Awards.

18 Merit Badges will be offered, including all six of the required Merit Badge for the Hornaday Award. Scouts will have the opportunity to enroll in up to three merit badges from our dynamic instructors!

This event includes a Hornaday Seminar explaining the award and how to earn it for Troops, Crews, and individual Scouts. And most importantly, information on how to create, execute, and document a Hornaday Award Conservation Project.

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William T. Hornaday Awards

Conservation and the Boy Scouts of America have been partners for a long time. Camping, hiking, and respect for the outdoors are a part of the Scouting heritage. Many of the requirements for advancement from Tenderfoot through Eagle Scout rank call for an increasing awareness and understanding of the natural sciences. Many former Scouts have become leaders in conserving our environment and protecting it from abuse. Right now Scouts are involved in learning about environmental problems and actively working to
make a difference.
The Hornaday Awards are highly prized by those who have received them: Approximately 1,100 medals have been awarded over the past 80 years. These awards represent a substantial commitment of time and energy by individuals who have learned the meaning of a conservation/environmental ethic. Any Scouts BSA or Venturer willing to devote the time and energy to work on a project based on sound scientific principles and guided by a conservation professional or a well-versed layperson can qualify for one of the
Hornaday Awards. The awards often take months to complete, thus activities should be planned well in advance.

Leave No Trace Trainer

The Leave No Trace Trainer helps minimize the impact on the land by teaching members the principles of Leave No Trace and improving Scouts’ outdoor ethics decision-making skills. The senior patrol leader may appoint a Scout, 14 years or older who has successfully completed the official 16-hour Leave No Trace Trainer training course, to serve as the troop Leave No Trace Trainer. A Scout under the age of 14, or who has not completed
Leave No Trace Trainer training, may serve as an instructor teaching Leave No Trace skills until he obtains the necessary training.
A Scouts BSA or Venturer may take any 16-hour Leave No Trace Trainer course from a Leave No Trace Master Educator to qualify for the troop, team, or crew position of responsibility. The BSA is seeking to have one or more BSA-affiliated Master Educators in each council to provide this training. Information on courses available in the local area should be available from the local council’s Outdoor Ethics Advocate.

  • William T. Hornaday Award Program Adviser Training
    October 16, 2020 to October 18

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  • Hornaday Conservation Weekend 2020
    November 13, 2020 to November 15

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