Special Older Scout Programs

Our older scout programs are for the Scout with a few years of camp under their belt who is looking for a little more out of Summer Camp this year. Woodruff offers four separate older scout programs appealing to a variety of interests so there is something for every Scout!

Due to the nature of these programs and difficulty of the activities, these programs are suggested for Scouts 13 or older or have completed the 8th grade.

Laurel Mountain Heritage Program

Laurel Mountain Program (On Camp)

Designed for older scouts, the Laurel Mountain program will be held in the mornings during periods 2 thru 4 (9:30 until lunch) at our forge and primitive craft center. The program will cover the Metalwork merit badge (using our blacksmithing forge) and the Woodwork merit badge.

Woodruff News Team(On Camp)

The Woodruff News Team is designed for those scouts who want to spend the week diving into the world of fast paced journalism. In addition to working on four unique merit badges, News Team members will create and publish a daily newspaper, develop video news broadcasts and create and distribute content for the Woodruff Facebook and Instagram feeds. This program is an all morning session every day program. The remainder of the day, the News Team will be free lancing to develop content that may interest them.

Merit Badges Earned: 

  • Photography
  • Movie Making
  • Graphic Arts
  • Journalism

Woodruff Xtreme Program

Woodruff Pathfinder

The Woodruff Pathfinder program is for older Scouts who want additional outdoor challenges, both physical and mental. This program packs a lot of adventure into one week. Scouts will experience advanced programs in most areas on camp including mountain biking, hiking, shooting sports, COPE & climbing as well as the thrill of rafting both the Nantahala and Ocoee rivers. Finish off the week with an overnighter on Teepee Island and you’ll find your way to a ton of adventure and maybe discover a new passion as well!

All participants must pass the swimmers test at Woodruff Scout Camp during the current season.  

Participants will spend all nights on camp. Most nights participants will stay with their troop but may elect to participate in up to two overnights to special areas of camp.

The downloadable Whitewater Express Waiver form is required for this activity.

Laurel Mountain Heritage Program

Whitewater Challenge (Off Camp)

The ultimate whitewater experience, Whitewater Challenge is for older Scouts who desire a lot of additional river experiences in an independent program. Activities for this week-long adventure include rafting, kayaking and canoeing on rivers in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Activities will include kayak training, whitewater rafting, capsizing, stroke and paddle work, reading rivers, canoe handling skills and paddle skills – such as side slips, eddy turns and peel outs.  

Participants will leave Woodruff Scout Camp on Sunday evening, returning Friday afternoon, and will stay in cabins at the Nantahala Outpost in North Carolina.

All participants must pass the swimmers test at Woodruff Scout Camp during the current season.

This program is designed for youth.  As such, there will be limited availability for adults 

The downloadable Whitewater Express Waiver form is required for this “off camp” activity.

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