Venturing Extreme Summer Camp

Venturing Thumbs Up

Venturing Extreme is designed for individual Venturers and Venturing Crews to experience six days of fun, exciting and challenging activities while working on their Discovery and Pathfinder Awards.

Venturing Extreme is conducted at Woodruff Scout Camp during Weeks 4-8 of Summer Camp. It is open to Registered Venturers ages 14 years to 20 (or age 13 & graduated 8th grade). This is a coed Venturing activity.Venturing Extreme provides a challenging and action packed experience for all participants and an opportunity to work on Venturing Advancement. Venturing Extreme activities are conducted by either an independent outfitter or Robert W. Woodruff staff members who are present for all activities.

Venturing Crews and individual Venturers are invited to attend Venturing Extreme. Adult Crew Advisers are welcome and are encouraged to participate in the Venturing Extreme program.Venturing Extreme requires advanced reservations for all participants. Camp is open to in-council and out-of-council Venturers and Leaders.


Venturers will participate in Adventure Activities such as Whitewater Rafting, Initiative Games, Climbing/Bouldering, Shooting Sports, Mountain Biking, Mountain Boarding, Kayaking, Swimming, Hiking and Social Gatherings.

Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee & Nantahala Rivers is included in your fee.

As an option you can do One river trip and do a Horseback Ride (replaces other river trip). Venturing Advancement Opportunities will be offered in a wide variety of areas.

Optional classes in ILSC, Red Cross Standard 1st Aid & CPR, will be offered.

There will be opportunities throughout the program for fellowship and team building

Information for Crew Advisors

Requirements & Qualifications:

You must be a registered Venturer or a registered adult leader to attend. Crews and individual Venturers (both male and female) are invited. Participation in Venturing Extreme requires a supplemental permission slip from Whitewater Express (WWE) and a current BSA Annual Health and Medical form (parts A, B, C).

Equipment, Gear and Lodging:

Participants in this camp will need to bring personal camping gear. All high adventure equipment will be provided. Participants will stay at Woodruff Scout Camp, in canvas tents on platforms with cots (male & female). Venturers must wear clothing appropriate for a Scouting activity. Meals will be provided in the dining hall at camp.

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