Early Arrivals

We realize that some units are unable to arrive at camp during our standard check-in period of 12:45 to 3pm on Sunday afternoon. If your travel plans are to arrive outside this Sunday check in window please complete the form below at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival.

If your Unit is arriving Early and are coming by Bus, please also submit the “Bus Arrival” form.

Saturday Arrivals: Our Early Arrival Package makes the logistics of traveling long distances to summer camp easier. Please plan to arrive between 3 and 9 pm. Upon arrival, a staff representative will help your troop get settled into your campsite for the week. Troops are responsible for providing their own adult leadership and medical support until 1 PM on Sunday.

While our dining hall is closed on Saturday and Sunday morning, we are offering Early Arrival troops in-camp food options for dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Troops may elect to receive one, two or all three meals at Woodruff at the rate of $6 per meal for Saturday supper, $4 per meal for Sunday breakfast, and $5 per meal for Sunday lunch.

Units arriving on Sunday before 12:45 pm are requested to wait outside the main gate near the check-in area (Main Pavilion) until the check-in begins.

Sunday Arrivals after 3:00pm: We strive to check in units as soon as they arrive, however, if a unit arrives during mealtime, the campfire program, or other camp-wide activities, check-in may be delayed.